All Ages at 7:00 PM

Ghosts of Old Georgetown:

History comes alive in the Shadows

Ghosts of Old Georgetown is the Ghost Tour for the young and not quite as young, alike. Spell Caster strolls through Georgetown’s history and hauntings, painting a picture of what it was like to live during the days of the Chisholm Trail and public executions. Discover Georgetown’s intriguing past and the ghosts who still haunt the charming Central Texas City.

Possible Stops on Ghosts of Old Georgetown

  • Old Firehouse #1
  • Historic Georgetown Square
  • Old Georgetown Courthouse

Who is the ghostly cowboy sauntering through the Square late in the evenings? Meet the sharpshooters, cattle rustlers, and cotton choppers who once called Williamson County home – and those who still do. Traverse the streets and alleyways on Ghosts of Old Georgetown, but remember to do a protection spell before the tour starts. Our ghosts are known to follow folks home.

  • Ghosts of Old Georgetown strolls Thursday – Sunday evenings 7:00 PM
  • The tour is approximately 75 minutes and covers about a mile.
  • Price: $19.95 for Adults; $11.95 for children; $17.95 for Seniors
  • Ghosts of Old Georgetown meets at Founder’s Park; 814 S. Church St.; 15 minutes before the start time

Spell Caster Ghost Tours cannot be held responsible for any stray ghosts your child may bring home.

Adults-Only at 8:30 PM

The Ghost Maker Tour:

Journey through Georgetown’s Dark History

Charming downtown Georgetown’s beautiful historic buildings hold some of the city’s most sordid secrets. Brutal murders, horrific torture, and senseless suicides lurk in Georgetown’s dark past. Join The Ghost Maker Tour and see a side of Georgetown you never imagined. With a tasty beverage in hand, discover Georgetown’s haunted history and unsavory secrets. 

Possible Stops on Ghosts of Old Georgetown

  • Old Williamson County Jail
  • Historic Georgetown Square
  • Old Georgetown Courthouse

Grab a drink and stroll with us into Georgetown’s dark past. Did a Texas Family Feud lead to a murder-suicide at the turn of the century? Are the ghosts who lurk in the shadows of Georgetown’s Beautiful Historic Square malevolent? The Ghost Maker Tour is a blend of True Crime and Ghost Tour, with a splash of a Haunted Pub Crawl. The perfect recipe for a Wicked Good Time. 

  • The Ghost Maker Tour crawls Thursday – Saturday evenings 8:30 PM
  • The tour is approximately 75 minutes and covers about a mile.
  • Price: $21.95 for Adults; $17.95 for Seniors
  • The Ghost Maker Tour meets inside Mesquite Creek Outfitters; 15 minutes before the start time

Not to worry, Spell Caster Ghost Tour Guides carry Black Obsidian and Mugwort in their Gris Gris Bags.

Georgetown Ghost Tours

What is a Spell Caster Ghost Tour?

Spell Caster believes it is important to be historically accurate to maintain the city’s integrity. But straight-up history can be a bit dry. And boring. So we add some local lore and hauntings to the history and create an evening of magical and macabre storytelling.

Georgetown, Texas, is a beautiful Central Texas city. And as the Williamson County seat, Georgetown is rich in history and local Texas culture. What was once a pioneer and farm town, Georgetown is now experiencing growth and prosperity off the I35 corridor. Spell Caster wants to preserve Georgetown’s past, explore the City’s darker secrets, and share the hauntings.

Spell Caster isn’t like all the other Ghost Tour companies you’ve seen in the “most haunted cities” around the world. Spell Caster’s tours are an interactive experience. Our tour guides encourage guests to share their personal experiences and stories on our tours. Especially if you’re a local. And if you’re an exceptionally spooky raconteur, we might even hire you!

Ghosts were created when the first man woke in the night. ~ Sir James Matthew Barrie, 1st Baronet, OM