Conjured from the noggin of Gretchen Upshaw, Spell Caster Ghost Tours came to life on All Hallows’ Eve, 2021. After six years managing a national Ghost Tour company in New Orleans, Gretchen was eager to return to Texas and create her own magic. So she tossed the ingredients for the perfect Ghost Tour into her trusty cauldron, and after 999 stirs, she knew Spell Caster was ready to charm folks with spooky and bewitching tales from the days of yore.

Today, Spell Caster Ghost Tours is honored to show folks the history and hauntings of Central Texas. We brew historically accurate information with the legends and lore of beautiful Central Texas towns to create the perfect potion for an enchanted evening stroll.



I was born under a Full Texas Moon. Maybe that’s why I have always gravitated to the esoteric. Austin was my home for twenty years, but curiosity and mystery sent me to live in magical cities like Prague and New Orleans.

With a Master’s Degree in Religious Studies, a Certified Life and Health Coach, the former General Manager of a National Ghost Tour company, and a lifetime of spiritual sojourns, I have returned to where it all began. I am back in Texas, weaving a little magick and macabre to create Spell Caster Ghost Tours. It’s a privilege to play Ghost Tour raconteur, an honor to host our Full Moon Suppers, and a thrill to lead Spell Caster Experiences for fans of dark history and the paranormal. I can’t wait to see what else my cauldron is brewing!


Spell Caster Ghost Tours

Meet Ghost Tour Guide Lisa!

Greetings! My name is Lisa, and I’m ecstatic to be part of Spell Caster ghost tours. I am a former high school nurse and teacher (now that’s spooky!) and an empty nester. I have loved ghost stories and the macabre since about 4 years old, watching old Vincent Price films with my father. My mother was an English teacher who introduced me to the beloved tales of Edgar Allen Poe; Masque of the Red Death remains a favorite of mine.

I’ve pursued ghost stories and tours far and near, such as London, Edinburgh, New Orleans, Boston, and Old West ghost towns in Colorado and New Mexico. Plagues, lazarettos, and asylums often excite my interest, especially given my history as a nurse. After the Covid pandemic quarantine, I took a sabbatical from nursing and immersed myself in local haunted lore. I look forward to guiding folks on a spectral promenade along the charming streets of old Georgetown while sharing about history, ghosts, and true crime galore.