Spell Caster’s Full Moon Supper

June’s Full Strawberry Moon

My roses are my jewels, the sun and moon my clocks, fruit and water my food and drink.

~ Lady Hester Lucy Stanhope

If your soul has been yearning for an intimate gathering where you can share, learn, and experience the power and magick of an authentic group of women, then join us for The Full Strawberry Moon Supper on June 14th. 

The Full Moon Supper Experience

A night for Moon Gazing Women to come together eager to explore and discover more about ourselves and our community.

Join Us For

  • A Delicious Meal
  • An Exploration in Individual Practices
  • A Guided Talk in Intuition and Energies


The Super Strawberry Moon Supper is thrilled to be collaborating with Screamish Joy for more Pragmatic Tarot!
This month Screamish Joy will guide us on an exclusive journey through the duality of the Tarot

PRAGMATIC TAROT by Screamish Joy: Duality, Opposites, Reversals, and Magnetism 

Do opposites attract? Can a Tarot card be inherently bad? Join us as Screamish Joy explores these types of questions and gives insight into the concept of Duality, and how we can work with it when using Tarot as a tool for self-exploration.


Join us for a little guided Woo Woo and a lot of pure intentions, as we create an enchanted evening of joy, laughter, and goodness. 

The Full Strawberry Moon Experience on June 14th; 6:30PM – 9:00PM

The Evening’s Agenda: 

  • Gathering, Greeting, & Gratitude – Shared Thoughts and Words from Your Hosts
  • A Delicious Plant-Based & Gluten-Free Supper 
  • Experiential Learning with Special Guest, Screamish Joy
  • And Of Course, A Good F*#%ing Time


Meet Your Hosts!


  Mistress of Ceremonies: Spell Caster Gretchen 

That’s me! I’m the founder of Spell Caster Ghost Tours and a self-declared Moon Whisperer. I have been dreaming of the Full Moon Supper for almost ten years. My Lunar Leader finally said, “Get her done, Girl!” So, I reached out to a few of the magickal women in my life to help make it happen, and I am full of gratitude for the opportunity to bring more powerful women into the Spell Caster Circle of Fierceness. Bon Appétit and Blessed Be!

  Creative Maven: Stephanie Crain, aka Screamish Joy

Hi! My life has been centered on collaborating with others and helping people express their vision. I am most excited by creating harmony and elevating talent and energy. I use my perceptive and innovative skills to help people and organizations vibrate higher. I am a practiced intuitive, natural Witch, and skilled Creative who believes in strategic, practical manifestation of desired outcomes. I am so excited to be a part of the inaugural Full Moon Supper for Spell Caster Ghost Tours!

The Brass Tacks


  • Bring Your Own Beverage (Wine, Beer, Bubbles, Straight from the Tap,  whatever your heart desires)
  • The Menu is Plant-Based and Gluten-Free.
  • Tickets are $25.00 PP (This includes the Delicious Supper & Magickal Experience)
  • Seating is Limited – This is an intimate gathering.
  • Come with an Open Mind, Empty Belly, and Eager Spirit!