Spell Caster’s Full Moon Supper

August’s Full Moon Supper



“The moon will guide you through the night with her brightness, but she will always dwell in the darkness, in order to be seen.”  ~ Shannon L. Alder

If your soul has been yearning for an intimate gathering where you can share, learn, and experience the power and magick of an authentic group of women, then join us for The Full Moon Supper on August 11th. 

The Full Moon Supper Experience

A night for Moon Gazing Women to come together eager to explore and discover more about ourselves and our community.

Join Us For

  • A Delicious Meal
  • A Thoughtful Community of Like-Minded Women
  • A Guided Talk Curated for the Moon’s Energy

August 11th’s Sturgeon Moon is an Aquarius Moon dancing under Leo’s Sun. Fixed signs may experience this Full Moon’s effects more deeply (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.  A Leo Sun is proud and displays their individuality with strength and honor. The Aquarius Moon is drawn to community while maintaining independence. This can either be a challenging conflict or a fabulous union. *Think, “follow the leader, and the leader will follow.”

To feel the positives in the differences, explore how the influence of other people’s energy helps you to understand your own thoughts and emotions. Things like fear and anger can be acknowledged and released during the Aquarius Full Moon in Leo. 

Join Spell Caster’s Full Moon Supper and walk through this Full Moon lesson. Spell Caster is honored to offer a safe community space for women to gather, create rituals, and share their magick.  

The August Full Moon Supper will be an Exploration of Dreams

Dreams can tell us so many things about ourselves, as well as teach us how to surrender to our subconscious. Dreams can be therapeutic and prophetic. They can tap into our shadow or remind us of our truth. 

Join me for a special evening of Dream Exploration.

  • Where do our dreams come from?
  • What are our dreams trying to tell us?
  • Why are our dreams important in our waking life?

We will chat about how to use dreams as a tool for listening to yourself, and to others. And workshop one of your dreams as a foundation for creating a dream self-care practice

Join us for a little guided Woo Woo and a lot of pure intentions as we create an enchanted evening of joy, laughter, and goodness. 

What can you expect at the Full Moon Supper? 

The Spell Caster Full Moon Experience: 

  • A Healthy Delicious Meal Provided by Greenhouse Craft Foods (Vegan and Gluten-Free)
  • A Discussion on Individual Practices 
  • An Exploration into the Power of Our Dreams.
  • And a Good F*#%ing Time

Meet Your Host!

  Mistress of Ceremonies: Spell Caster Gretchen 

As the founder of Spell Caster Ghost Tours and the Full Moon Supper, I am excited to be your solo hostess for August’s Full Moon Supper. A self-declared Moon Whisperer, my vision for a Magickal Community of Women has been clear for over a decade. My Lunar Leader finally said, “Get her done, Girl!”  My intention has always been to create a safe space for women to learn about their Self through the power of positive group energies, whilst making beautiful connections and cultivating new friendships. It’s truly an honor to be steering this ship into the wonders of a new adventure. 

The Brass Tacks

  • The August Full Moon Supper will be hosted at Lark & Owl Book Sellers * 205 6th St * Georgetown, TX 78626
  • BYOB: Bring Your Own Beverage (Wine, Beer, Bubbles, Straight from the Tap,  whatever your heart desires)
  • The Menu is Plant-Based and Gluten-Free; Provided by Greenhouse Craft Foods
  • Tickets are $27.95 PP (This includes the Delicious Supper & Magickal Experience)
  • Seating is Limited – This is an intimate gathering.
  • Come with an Open Mind, Empty Belly, and Eager Spirit!